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Unlocker 1.9

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Unlocker 1.9

Unlocker is a simple tool that can not be set by default by removing the files.

Removing files from a computer is not always easy as it looks. Did you ever get the annoying error message file that is telling you what other applications are using that can not be deleted? Unlocker solution! The right mouse button can not be deleted and select Unlocker: Unlocker is easy to use. You can choose between vervijderenHet file, change it or somewhere else. YesWhen the task you selected can not be taken immediately, the restart is restarted.

Unlocker has no other options or configuration settings. It is our intention to do something, but to do it very well. If you are often locked in files, this one is required.

Unlocker removes permanent files from other apps or processes that have been blocked.


New Options: It is possible to have a deep directory structure and padfouten too long deleted. Try this bundle createdUnpin file folder Unlocker new understand 🙂

PoboljšanInterfejs: When the progress bar is bigger deleted

Improved User Interface: all references are placed on their previous UI website

Fixed bug: Fixed fault in the old versions where deep paths occurred

Fixed bug: Fixed update that corresponds to the new site Unlocker verification ()

Installer fixed: k64 fixed-state stack does not exist as assistant reference

Promotion feature: Completely optional for Bing orQuickly by the location of the Magazines tools.

Unlocker 1.9

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