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Adblock Plus for Chrome 1

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Adblock Plus for Chrome 1

Adblock Plus Chrome is an incredibly popular blocker version of your browser ad.


If you’re browsing the internet, you’ll know how ads are annoying. They have a gesture, they get a bright and trendy way. If it’s very bad luck, they could have been dangerous. Adblock Plus removes advertisements from the pages and clean, peaceful leaves its path a gap.

AdblockPlyus filters work. Some items present the Isop page if there is an extension of their filter. There are several ready madeYou can choose which filters are available, and how much you want from the Adblock Plus settings menu.

Block all

If you want to push a bit more technically, you can also create your own filters, or indicate their legal and elementvybrat pre-filtered items. It became more relevant for Developer toolbar elements with lockable filters.

You can add specific sites to the White List to Adblock Plus settings (to prevent them from blocking) and other options for exchanging options.You’ll also see theAdblock Plus icon in the address bar, by clicking on it, you can activate or deactivate Adblock Plus with a click.

Yavlyaetsyavokrug unit

If you’re still worried about ads while you’re on the Internet, try Adblock Plus. You will not regret about it.

This Adblock Pro plugin is removed from ads, banners and ads when you see a Google Chrome on the Internet. It is effective and can be set as you like.

Say goodbye to advertising, web pages,At portals and social networks

AdblockPro removes ads from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Gmail or another webpage. To do this, use the system based on the lists: 13 available filters (Italian), making a total. Absence and plugin dieSpecific filter presence in your language too.

With Adblock Pro, you can create a blank list that allows you to create special ads and promotional sites. For more advanced users, create a custom filter lists for takzhemozhnoDa.

Good utility

Pro Adblock icon next to the address bar. Opening all of them you can not open a menu from it:

InAdblock Pro we have removed the time of the test by advertising, banners and advertising space. Facebook, for example, removed ads on the sidebar and found YouTube video ads. In short, he kept his promises while browsing. The only drawback is the use of memory, which is a bit high.


Adblock Pro RecommendedWhile browsing ads prevent annoying ads. If you want to set it up and think it all as a great addition to the umolchaniyuuzhe configuration!

Adblock Plus for Chrome 1

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