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DVD Shrink 3

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DVD Shrink 3

DVD Shrink compresses DVD files to save disk space when supported.

DVD collection, you can easily create a backup copy of the media you have. Even if you have never used backup software, DVD Shrink will be quite easy łatwyi. It also works with most DVDs, thanks to built-in decryption algorithms.

To use DVD Shrink is easy: Insert the DVD you want to back up and open in the program. You can see the structure of the diskDVDLeft stroniea also see possibilities as possible to see every part of the built-in DVD player. If you want to reserve the whole thing, just click on the backup!

If you want to select specific sections and create a new compilation, click the Re-Author button. DVDAlgorytm disk shrinks compressed audio and video files, which can then be saved or recorded on DVD dual layer. This means that you have a lot of media in small spacesSaving either in a single or dual layer DVD.

DVD smanjitiSačuvajte all plikikopii backup hard drive, so make sure you have enough space. Subsequently, you can burn your favorite tool for storing on the disc DVDs at all.

DVD collection is a great program to save space when it comes to media support.

DVD Shrink 3

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