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Despicable Me 3

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Despicable Me 3

GRU finds his charm, happy and successful twin brother, is very lost Dr. Quenquera joins him for the last time he is criminal. After being fired opponents of the championship not to demolish the latest villain threatens humanity grueNalazi in the middle of a major crisis of identity. There, when the mysterious stranger who grew notice, the twin brother lost – a brother who desperately wants to follow an unclean step in his twin – former Super Villain again otkrieKolku feel good is bad.

The equipment that he broughtYou Despicable Me Despicable Me 2 and mine returns to continue the adventures Gru, Luci, their lovely daughters – Margo, Edith and Agnes – and mine. Viljan Baltazar’s brother is a former child star who has become obsessed with the guy who played 80 and proves that the most sensible Gruks enemy today.

Despicable Me 3

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