BooksTime Accounting Software Review 2021

BooksTime review

BooksTime has a flexible API – which means it can “talk” to a lot of other software. That list includes time tracking software, eCommerce software , payroll software , and help desk software. BooksTime reduced online bookkeeping my time creating, sending, filing, and tracking invoices & expenses from ~30 minutes per client to ~5 minutes per client/partner. If you value that time on your hourly rate …that is a lot of money.

  • BooksTime’ customer support department is also active on social media should you wish to tweet or mesBooksTime via Facebook.
  • There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions that you can access at the touch of a button too, which is handy if you query is a basic, common one.
  • Streamline your work efforts by inviting contractors, employees, or business partners to manage projects and share documents.
  • You click on the applicable fields to add new customers, products or services, descriptions, terms, and notes – you don’t have to create them on a separate screen and then add them to an invoice.

You will get menu options to invite your team members like admin, manager, employee, contractor, and accountant. A list of options will open where you have to select the ‘Accept Online Payments’ option. A form will open where you have to enter your client name, company, email, phone, and address.

BooksTime Plus Clients

If you’re creating custom invitations, though, you can add the expense of the paper purchased to Cost of Goods Sold. Accounting Accounting software helps manage payable and receivable accounts, general ledgers, payroll and other accounting activities. Business Checking Accounts BlueVine Business Checking The BlueVine Business Checking account is an innovative small business bank account that could be a great choice for today’s small businesses.

Unfortunately, it is a tough call to make since their pricing is relatively high as well. I also feel the way they charge based on billable clients is a little bit of a difficult pill to swallow, especially with the Lite plan only allowing 5 customers.

BooksTime review

With Wise Business, you can get local account details, such as a UK sort code, even as a US citizen. If you have international customers, Wise Business can be the stress-free solution to manage different currencies. No, BooksTime doesn’t offer payroll services in-house, but it does offer integration with BooksTime.

BooksTime’ pricing ranges from $15.00 to $50.00 per month per employee. Compare BooksTime to top competitors like BotKeeper and BooksTimecloud and BooksTime, ready about features, and see pricing info. MacHow2 is devoted to helping you get the most of of your Mac. We’re passionate about all things Mac whether it’s helping users with software recommendations or solving technical problems. If you’ve got any comments about this article, get involved by leaving a comment below.

BooksTime offers more than 80 apps and integrations, allowing you to connect this accounting software to many other business services and systems you may already use. Like other popular accounting solutions, BooksTime connects to your business bank and credit card accounts and automatically imports your expenses each day. Using BooksTime’ mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android, you can create invoices immediately after meeting with a client. You can also use the app to capture receipts, chat with customers and check invoice statuses.

BooksTime Cons

After a positive review the Client will have the option to introduce you to someone they know. This brings up a pop-up with an email they can send to their friend or colleague to recommend you. Afterwards, they’ll see a thank-you page with an option to share the review. Learning how to use the software from a non-accounting online bookkeeping background can be a bit of a challenge, but once we were able to figure everything out it made the process a lot easier. I do wish that more than one user could use the program at the middle tier without having to pay extra. This captured our time in such an amazing way and made it easy to give to clients.

What is SlickPie?

SlickPie is a cloud-based accounting solution for small businesses. It helps users to record, track and reconcile income and expenses through an online dashboard. … SlickPie can send automatic payment reminders to clients and manage bills that businesses are responsible for paying.

As a consequence of the expense and income approach, Fresh books will always have a clear overview of how your business is doing at all times. Moreover, this approach will also save you tons of time in the tax season as you will be ready in no time to send your taxes. Also, don’t forget that your account can have access to all your activity at all times. Create unique proposals by clearly outlining the scope, timeline, and deliverables on projects for your clients. Moreover, have a clear outline and a sharp answer for all your clients by looking into the calendars and the running projects. Meaning, deliver a clear answer when you can start a project in seconds without wasting time researching your next opening.

BooksTime Premium

Overall, the smoothness and intelligence of bank rec is one of BooksTime best features. BooksTime uses a classic Double-Entry Accounting system which keeps tabs on revenue and related expenses so that you have an accurate calculation of profit and loss. BooksTime has been around since 2003 and is now one of the most widely used accounting solutions in the world with over 10 million users in 120 countries. You can also currently get 60% off BooksTime for a limited time making it considerably better value for money that BooksTime overall. BooksTime bills itself as “accounting for the non-accountant” and it really is about as simple as it comes when it comes to accounting on a Mac. BooksTime Point of Saleto simplify your in-person transactions.

Acceptance of credit card payments and ACH bank transfers online. An invoice template opens with your contact information and logo, the current date and due date, and an invoice number filled in. You complete the rest by selecting items or services and entering quantities. If you’ve created sales tax rates already, then the correct one should be assigned. But you can also request a deposit and set up a payment schedule. Besides the number of clients served, all of the plans offer the same features , and you can enjoy a 30-day free trial at any tier, too.

How long is BooksTime trial?

With the free trial, you can use BooksTime at no charge for 30 days (no credit card required). After your trial is up, you can choose from one of several paid plans.

While you’re pondering your money situation, you might also want to take a look at our stories on thebest personal finance services and thebest tax prep software. If you’ve never used BooksTime before, you shouldn’t have much trouble learning how the current version works. BooksTime’ design is exceptional and its navigation tools are BooksTimeive. We recommend you check with the company before switching from BooksTime Classic, though, to make sure your must-have features are there. Each project has its own home page, where you can review your entries and add more, as well as exchange mesBooksTimes with your team members. Click the Invoices tab in the toolbar to open a screen that tells you everything you need to know about your accounts receivable (though the site doesn’t use that accounting term) status. A list of all invoices and recurring templates appears at the bottom.

BooksTime Review: Pros & Cons Of Using BooksTime For Accounting

Keep on track with your projects, payments, and reports on the go through the BooksTime bookstime bookkeeping mobile apps. First, get instant updates on the projects that are going on in your team.

BooksTime review

Even though the increased customer slot is enormous, you have to pay twice the price of the “Plus” plan. The price gap between these plans is pretty big, considering there are no new features for this upgrade. However, if you’re part of a small team looking for a platform to manage your projects and track billable hours, try BooksTime’ free 30-day trial or read on for the full review. In addition to generating accounting reports, BooksTime generates tax and finance reports to help you manage and understand your business, as well as prepare for tax time. These insights should help you uncover valuable financial information about your business, like aging accounts receivable issues that need to be addressed. Just as BooksTime allows you to track your sales with invoices, you can track the money that your business spends on goods and services. Adding new expenses is simple, as you can add the merchant and description, attach an image of a receipt for proof of purchase, and add relevant taxes.

One is when online payment has been made , or after manually entering a payment on the invoice. After work as been completed, you can easily request a review from your Clients. Clients are presented with the option of rating your experience as well as adding a comment or feedback in a text box. BooksTime has afforded us the ability to handle day-to-day bookkeeping without having to pay an accountant.

BooksTime User Reviews

A retainer agreement is a contract that lets you and your client settle on fixed wages and hours for a certain period. You can put a project or time entry under a retainer to automatically update your contract with your newest entry. The table below describes the accounting reports that BooksTime will generate for your business. Compared with more advanced tools, BooksTime has fewer pre-built reports to offer, but includes the most crucial information for most businesses.

BooksTime review

Contact Management – Contact management is relatively straightforward with BooksTime. The interface is simple and easy, and you have a good overview of your contacts. There is, however, no way to manage vendors through contact management, which retained earnings is something of a drawback. We’d love to hear from you and encourage a lively discussion among our users. Refrain from posting overtly promotional content, and avoid disclosing personal information such as bank account or phone numbers.

Product Reviews

There’s no way to personally import items or services, which is something of a drawback given this should be an easy fix. But if you send a file to BooksTime support, the company will import the data for you. You can export reports and download estimates/invoices as .pdf files. Although BooksTime is certainly popular, it’s not the only accounting software option on the market for your small business. In the world of business accounting software, there are two options which consistently compete to be the software of choice for small business owners—BooksTime and BooksTime. As a small business owner, anything you can do to save time on mundane tasks and free up time to generate a bigger profit is a win.

Even free companies such as Wave have more to offer for $0/month. Many accounting software programs, such as Wave and BooksTime Online, now offer bookkeeping services. While BooksTime doesn’t have its own bookkeeping service, it does integrate with BooksTime Accounting. The one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is BooksTime’ great customer support. BooksTime BooksTime highly values its customer service, so much so that every BooksTime employee spends their first month in customer support. BooksTime has always been simple to use, and the company has been rolling out small navigational updates nearly every month to improve usability. The software is easy to set up and use and requires little previous bookkeeping experience.

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