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Basic Calculator 1

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Basic Calculator 1

At a time when the complexity will be seen as charity degree in computer and may not be a bad idea sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. A calculator in this respect the fresh air. It is as simple as it can be without totally unpretentious abacus.Dit calculator external operation Basic Calculator is pure simplicity.

Something to do calculator

The interface consists of a square that contains 17 buttons: button keyboard Alichbavayabotwm coma “C” to the most important cleaningThe most recent census of the four buttons for commonly used mathematical functions and finally, perhaps, a symbol, “care.” subsequent processing of these keys allow the user to perform an infinite number of calculations, yet they are not touching anything more complex than a simple number addition subtraction multiplication or division. The most obvious use for such a simple device for people with visual impairments Kotoryeiz.botymau large and well read makes it easy to use withassistance vanmuis or touch screen. It would also be a good first calculator for children starting their journey mathematical magic.

Back to basics

Basic calculator marks the return to the simplicity of the early computer programs. If all you need is a shopping list he adds perfect.

Basic Calculator 1

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